Are you copy pasting too? Maybe this is something for you then! COPYDROID

Copydroid Mascotte
The fierce Copydroid

Today I finally released my android application called Copydroid. Copy-what? Yes Copydroid, as the name implies this is an android application that copies something.

So let me explain to you what this app does: it lets you copy and paste between your computer and android device! How cool is that? No more e-mail sending or android cable searching to quickly transfer some text from phone to computer. You can now install Copydroid on your android device and a client on your desktop/laptop and setup a link between these two. After setting up you are ready to go! Just type some text on your computer, select it and copy it (CTRL+C!!!)… voila the text is now available on your phone or tablet or whatever android device you have that is connected to the internet.

It also works the other way around, so you could select for example a link in your favorite android browser, copy it. Go to your computer if you are not allready sitting in front of it and then paste (CTRL+V).

How nice is this? I already like it a lot, that’s why I made the app!

The app is available at the Android Market a.k.a. Google Play:

Update 08-03-2016: At the moment this app is unavailble because I have no time to maintain it.

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