PHP Tutorial 1 – Getting started with PHP using WampServer2 on Windows 7

Hello all,

Here is the first of tutorials that I will make to cover the basics of PHP. My goal is not to have yet another tutorial-blog/site, but to show how I got started with PHP and eventually show some advanced things you can do with it. To reach that goal, I first want to introduce ‘newbies’ to PHP. In this tutorial I’m going to assume you have basic knowledge of HTML, which will be used sometimes in examples. If you don’t know HTML, I recommend visiting

What is PHP?

PHP is a scripting language which is used among others for creating dynamic web pages.

What does PHP stand for?

PHP stands for: Hypertext Preprocessor. You might ask me what the first P stands for… well, back in the days PHP used to mean: Personal Home Page, but then they wanted something more sophisticated and changed it a little while keeping the first P.

What can you do with it?

There infinitely many things you could do with PHP, but it comes down to this list of general subjects:

  • create dynamic web page
  • create web application
    • PhpMyAdmin (database management system)
  • create a CMS(content management system)
    • WordPress
    • Drupal
    • Joomla
  • create <script_name_here>

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Clone Object as instance

Autodesk 3DS Max + OgreMax exporter

The goal of this tutorial is to create instances of objects instead of copies to improve loading time in games developed using the Ogre3D Graphics Engine in combination with a so-called DotSceneLoader. A DotSceneLoader is a library that loads a ‘.scene’ file generated by OgreMax exporter. OgreMax exporter is used to export 3D scene’s created in Autodesk 3DS Max. The problem is that sometimes when you want a lot of same objects in your scene, you have to clone those objects, seems obvious…… Continue reading Clone Object as instance

First post

Hi all,

I’ve decided to stop my php framework development to create my website, because I just don’t have enough time to do it anymore. Instead I will now use WordPress, because it’s plain and simple and easy to install!

I wanna post some random stuff about things I’m doing, think about PHP/MySQL/HTML/Ajax webdevelopment or die-hard programming C++/C/Java.

~Dino (yes this is really my name)